Friday night Moon

The skies this week have been absolutely beautiful but,I didn’t get any observing done:( .I did however,take the Meade DS90 out for its first light.Yeah yeah yeah…I know.I have had the scope for almost 4 months and have never used it.My original idea was that I was going to use it as a guide scope but,since it is a goto like my Meade LXD75 I figured why not try it out.I bought the scope on E bay for a decent price.The first owner had problems getting it to work properly and gave up the idea of owning a scope.Apparently,he was a bit frustrated and didn’t treat it very well.The OTA and optics are in good working order but,it appears that he may have been rather rough with the mount and motors.I set the scope up indoors and tried out the goto and tracking when I first recieved it and found that the RA motor was quite a mess.I removed the motor and found that the arbor was severly bent causing it to bind up.I straightened the arbor (by eye)as much as I could and it worked pretty well but was still sluggish.I looked on the Meade site and found a new motor that will fit for $15.00!.Now I just have to breakdown and actually buy it.Anyway,I took it out for it’s first light last night and was fairly impressed with the optics,although their is a noticable difference from my big scope.One thing I did like was the fact that the scope is so light in weight and offered a fast setup.Knowing I wasn’t going to see much as far as DSO’s are concerned due to the moon washing out the skies.I know I won’t see much anyway because,it is a f/11 which is good for planets and the moon.My first target was Jupiter and again was fairly impressed with how much detail I could see.The tracking led a bit to be desired though as I kept having to adjust to keep the object in the eyepiece.This I believe was due to a bad alignment so I won’t harp too much.I had to wait for the moon to appear from behind some trees before I could make a effort to image it.When the moon did appear,I connected the camera to the scope using A-focal projection.Heh,the moment I let go of the camera the scope tube decided it wanted to look at somthing straight up.Note to self;make sure the locks are tight before letting go of the camera!.

Below is one of the first images I took with the newish scope.

DS90 first light


4 Responses to “Friday night Moon”

  1. Nice – what camera were you using here? And I’ve done the same thing with the screws 🙂 with an afocal projector, the camera gets extra leverage and can quickly spin the scope around.

  2. Thanks Ed,
    I was using my Pentax istDS digital camera on this shot.The scope is quite a bit smaller than the scope I normally use so,balancing became the issue.It seemed nice to actually put the little scope to use.I may bring out the big guy tonight for some LPI imaging?….weather permiting 🙂

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Nice photo as usual. The little scope works well though there is some color aberration along the limb. Like you we have been getting some phenomenal weather and skies and great sights.

    You have my email, can touch base with me offline.
    c’ya ~ peter

  4. Thanks Peter,
    Yeah,I noticed it only after I posted the image hahaha.The skies have been absolutely beautiful but,I have missed most of it due to work.I went to a very dark site on Sat night but,the observing was thwarted by the moon washing out the skies along with water vapor.I met up with another blogger who also has a scope.A very nice Meade refractor.It was a long drive but,lots of fun just talking about astronomy.Heh,seems nice to have a observing partner with a scope!!!.Hope all is well with you in the city?!.

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