Quasar 3C273

It has been a week since I have had any observing time so,I thought I would share another image that I took a over a year ago.

Located in the constellation Virgo,Quasar 3C273 is the brightest and one of the closest Quasars at a astounding 2 Billion light years distant!.Just to put this distance into perspective,the light that we see from this object,began it’s journey 2 billion years ago or to put it even simpler;the only life forms on earth at that time were bacteria and Blue Green algae.

2 Billion light years

At this enormous distance, light fades by 38.9 magnitudes (for H0=75, or 39.5 mag for H0=60), so its average apparent magnitude of 12.8 corresponds to an enormous absolute brightness of -26.1 (-26.7) magnitudes visually. So from a distance of 10 parsecs (a parsec is a distance of about 3.26 light years), this object would shine in the sky about as bright as our sun ! This quasar’s luminosity is, therefore, about 2 trillion  times that of our sun, and still about 100 times that of the total light of average giant galaxies like our Milky Way !.

Information coutesy of : SEDS

Image credit: Andrew


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