Mother nature celebrates Laborday weekend

At the moment it appears that we here in the NewHampshire USA,are in for a wonderful clear Laborday weekend so,I will definitely have my scope out.The clear skies have yet to arrive but are forecasted to be here for most of the three days that I have off.Wow,did I do somthing right???.Three days off with clear skies!.We had a small cold front move through last night and with that front came some of Mother natures fireworks.From 4pm to 11pm we were under a sever thunderstorm watch/warning.We didn’t recieve the heavy rain that they were forcasting but,we did get lots of lightning.Most of the lightning were of the  cloud to cloud variety which lit the sky nicely but,a few were cloud to ground which caused the thunder to rattle the windows a bit.I love a good thunderstorm don’t you?.I just hope we get the clear skies that they are forecasting!!!.

Below are just some of the images that I took last night.


4 Responses to “Mother nature celebrates Laborday weekend”

  1. Amazing pictures hope to get some myself at some point.

    Do you have a Flickr account to store all your pictures on???


  2. Thanks Mark,
    Yes I do have an account but,rarely use it.

  3. Ok Andy I was going to suggest you upload your images up to that. What’s your link for your account?


  4. Hi Mark,
    Here is the link.
    Heh,I suppose I should post more images since I haven’t done so since the end of June.

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