Astronomy on the run

My day began early as usual,with one exception…..a lunar eclipse.Having to drive 45+ minutes to work,I didn’t have the time to setup the scope so,I took my camera along for the ride.5am-My first stop was to the local gas station.Where I quickly grabbed the camera and took a shot of the eclipse.While putting the over priced gas into my car I noticed a woman with a pair of bino’s watching the event.Not really being the chatterbox type before my morning coffee,I gave in and said “the moon is really giving us a show this morning”.To which she replied”it sure is but,we had better enjoy it because we will probably never see it again in our life time!”.Befuddled,I couldn’t help but to ask her what she had meant by that.”Oh,this is a once in a life time eclipse”.Huh?.Maybe it was the lack of morning joe but,for some reason I found myself a bit irritated by the remark.I politely(or as much politeness as I could muster)told her that we had just recently had one and if not mistaken,will be having another in mid February?!.Well,enjoy the lunar eclipse I said as I hopped in the car and drove away (heh,yes,I paid for the gas).My next stop was Dunkin Donuts for my beloved java where once again,I snapped another shot.Don’t ask me why I did because,it had only been a few minutes?!.5:15am-Ok,got my coffee and I am on my way.I drive for perhaps 12 miles or 15 mintutes and notice that the eclipse was about 60%.I once again pull into a gas station and grab another shot.Thinking that I might have a chance to get a totality shot (as I normally pull into my work place parking lot by 5:52am),I hop the interstate and drive like a crazed LUNARTIC….hahahahaha,sorry I couldn’t help myself!!!. As I drove the early morning highway,I kept a close eye on the progress of the eclipse.Sadly,the farther I drove the foggier it became until finally, my last sight of the event was just a small sliver of light.Oh well,I still got a few shots but,no full eclipse.Next time,weather permitting!.





6 Responses to “Astronomy on the run”

  1. ha ha ha
    i really enjoyed your post 🙂


    (greece is still on fire 😦 )

  2. It’s nice that you were able to take time out to enjoy this “once in a lifetime” event. 🙂

  3. Glad that you enjoyed the post M13!.I hope they are making progress on containing the fires over there!!!.

  4. Good thing I have a weblog or I would have already forgotten the once in a lifetime event…hahahahahaha!!!!.Who knew astronomy would be one crazy adventure after another?:).

  5. The Moon had already dropped below the trees and mountains from my location. I’m deeply saddened to have missed this once in a lifetime event. I’ll try again in Feb. (:

  6. hehehehehehehehehehe
    Hi Michael,heh,yeah she was just overflowing with info.Actually,I was quite impressed to know that I wasn’t the only one in town watching it.As I was exceeding the speed limit to work I wondered if you were able to see it.

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