Sunspot 969

It took a bit of convincing but,I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and capture some images of sunspot 969.I set the scope up at around 11:30am to allow some time for the scope to equalize to the outside temps.In my case it was to warm up the scope!.My goodness it was hot!.Hot…and miserable.At the time these images were taken ,the temp was 92 degrees and dew point of 74 degrees.Talk about a shock to the system!.A couple days ago,the temps struggled into the mid 60’s with dewpoints in the mid 40’s degrees.I awoke at 7:30am this morning and immediately noticed how warm and humid it was so,I turned the ac on and it has been running nonstop since.While my home was cooling off,I checked out the SOHO website for images of the new sunspot which came into view a few days ago.Even though the new spot isn’t the biggest I have seen,it is still a awe inspiring sight. Note:Never look at the sun without a proper solar filter or blindness will occur!. The images below were taken with a Pentax ist DS DSLR at prime focus/a-focal projection and were processed with PS Elements.

Another note:Don’t forget about the Lunar eclipse on August 28th.For more information on this event,pay Michael a visit over at MountWashingtonValleyAstronomy .

Prime focus



2 Responses to “Sunspot 969”

  1. Those are fantastic shots.
    I’m looking forward to the lunar eclipse too. Unfortunately the weather here may not cooperate. I might have to rely on your pictures if I want to get any glimpse of it

  2. Thanks Phil,
    heh,don’t rely too much on my images as the eclipse doesn’t become total until 5:52 am here.And of course I will be just punching into work at that time.I will take my camera with me just in case I get lucky.I just hope that the moon hasn’t set too close to the horizon?.I certainly hope you have a bit of luck with the weather to enjoy it!.

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