Lunar crater CLAVIUS

Not much has been happening here on the observing front.The weather has been the biggest factor as clouds and on and off rain have thwarted any thought of bringing the scope out for fresh air.So bad in fact,I haven’t seen the moon since last Saturday afternoon.At least we haven’t had the drenching rains that other parts of the country have been going through.The forecast for the upcoming weekend doesn’t look very promising either….*sigh!!*

Clavius is one of the largest crater formations on the moon, and it is the third largest crater on the visible near side. It is located in the rugged southern highlands of the moon, to the south of the prominent Tycho crater.Due to the location of the crater toward the southern limb, the crater appears oblong due to foreshortening. Because of its great size, Clavius can be detected with the unaided eye. It appears as a prominent notch in the terminator about 1-2 days after the Moon reaches first quarter. The crater is one of the older formations on the lunar surface and was likely formed during the Nectarian period about 4 billion years ago. Despite its age, however, the crater is relatively well-preserved. It has a relatively low outer wall in comparison to their size, and it is heavily worn and pock-marked by craterlets. The rim does not significantly overlook the surrounding terrain, making this a “walled depression”. The inner surface of the rim is hilly, notched, and varies in width, with the steepest portion in the south end.

The image below was taken using a 10″ Meade LXD75 SN and a Meade LPI.It was processed with Photoshop elements.

Note:Lunar crater Clavius can be found on the right side of the image.

Information courtesy of wikipedia

Image credit: Andrew

A Space Odyssey


2 Responses to “Lunar crater CLAVIUS”

  1. Great image Andrew

    Looks like we are about to have our first good night since coming back from Poland.


  2. Good luck!!!.It appears that the next few nights will be a washout here:(

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