The DSI’s first light and review

The wait is over for the new camera’s first light and I must say that I am impressed.After a few tense days of wondering if the camera was going to function correctly.I set the scope up and gave it a trial run.The camera ran pretty well although,their seems to be some software glitches that I am unsure how to fix.The first problem is;the imaging program keeps locking up which is simply irritating.The second is that I keep getting something like a stack over flow error.Ummm…ok.So I click ok and it runs smooth for a while and third is,it seems to take entirely too long for the live images to refresh.I wonder if having 60ft of cable running from my scope to my desktop might have something to do with it?.Oh well,at least I was able to get a idea of how well it can perform.One of the nice things about the new toy is that I can image and stack 30+ second exposures without the worry of star trails due to slight errors in the drive.Another question that was bugging me was whether or not I was going to have to keep running up and down the stairs every few minutes trying to keep the object centered in the eyepiece hence the monitor.The answer is yes but,only after 30-40 minutes had gone by!!!.If I can get past the software errors,I should/hope to be able to take some wonderful detailed images never before captured with my scope.

Below is a shot of M13 that I took with the new camera.It is a stack of 10/20 seconds exposures .I used PS Elements for processing inwhich I resized and sharpened,with a slight tweak in contrast. Given the poor sky conditions I am quite happy with the result!.

Oh and on a side note.I saw the old lady in the Hovaround chair again.I didn’t speak with her as she was in the parking lot next to my house, driving around in circles and yelling “WHEEEE”!. HAHAHAHAHA!!!I think the doctors upped her meds?!. 

DSI first light


4 Responses to “The DSI’s first light and review”

  1. Hi Andrew,
    A fine shot of M13. Just last week I observed this globular and it was as stunning as your picture conveys. Like the line from the movie, 2010 – it’s full of stars.

  2. Thanks Peter,I think the image came out pretty good considering it was my first time using the DSI .2010 is a good movie.I’m trying to think of that scene…..if I remember right ,the scene involves the monolith?.Regardless,it is good to hear from you!.I popped over to your site earlier and was intrigued by the day time viewing of Venus.Since their is no solar activity,it gives me a reason to bring the bino’s out for a look.
    Clear skies!!!

  3. Hi Andrew,
    That is a really nice shot. I am glad to old lady didn’t call the terror police on you again. HeHe.


  4. HAHAHAHAHA,I think she was too busy trying to catch her shadow from the street light?!.

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