The Double Cluster

This week has been rather exciting.My long awaited Meade DSI arrived on Tuesday and I have been eager to get it up and running.I was in a good mood until I loaded the software that came with the camera.All went smooth until I connected the camera only to find that their wasn’t a start button to click for imaging.So,I decided that maybe I should uninstall and try again…….nope!.3rd time…..nada.4th time…not happening…..Grrrrr!.Well,after 3 days I had all but given up hope in getting it to work.Note: I am no computer whiz!!!.So,I emailed around and made a few phone calls to see if anyone knew what the problem could possibly be.The people I contacted were very helpful but,the problem still didn’t get resolved until this afternoon.Turns out the problem wasn’t the software but  operator error a.k.a……ME!.Anyhoo,I spent this afternoon/evening trying to get it focused on a terrestrial object which didn’t turn out too well due to the fact that I need to focus on a well lit object and it was turning dark.Oh well,tomorrow is another day!!.

The image below was taken last Saturday night with my 10″ Meade LXD 75.According the forecasters and the clearsky clock it was to be a good night for observing.Hmmmm,well that didn’t happen!,The skies were clear but,the seeing was terrible and the transparency was almost as bad.Not giving up,I decided to get a few shots of a one of my favorite open clusters.

The famous double cluster in Perseus was known in antique times (probably even pre-historically), and first cataloged by the Greek astronomer Hipparcos.Both clusters are situated in the Perseus OB 1 association, and also only a few hundred light-years apart, at a distance of over 7000 light years. They are both quite young: h is listed at 5.6, chi at 3.2 million years (Sky Catalog 2000); their hottest main sequence stars are of spectral type B0. They are approaching us at 22 (h) and 21 (chi) km/sec, respectively.

Information courtesy

Image credit:Andrew

The double cluster


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