Alphonsus and friends

Not with standing the suspicions of our towns rolling security guard (See previous post), another lunar visit that I made on Saturday night was of the many impact craters due south of Mare Imbrium.Nestled between the craters Ptolemaeus and  Arzachel.Alphonsus has been the subject of debate in the past.It seems that Several observed a transcient phenomena whose who’s gaseous emission spectra (most likely thought as volcanism) was obtained by Russian astronomer Dr. Nikolay Aleksandrovich in November 1958.Almost 7 years later on March 24,1965Ranger 9 was purposely impacted with the lunar surface in a effort to excavate material from just beneath the surface.No other experiments were carried out.Also,crater Alphonsus was one of the primary alternative landing sites considered for both the Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 missions.

In the image below (again,orientation is off so please forgive)Alphonsus can be found almost due south of Copernicus and NE of Tycho.Or to make it easier to find,look at the 3 large craters in a row.Alphonsus is the one in the middle.

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6 Responses to “Alphonsus and friends”

  1. You have taken some very impressive shots of the moon. I am curious to find out what techniques you use and what image processing software you work with.

  2. Thank you Phil,
    I used a Meade LPI (lunar planetary imager) for the shots of the moon.I have taken LOTS of shots with my DSLR but,have been enjoying the ease of the LPI.The only downside at the moment is running cable from my scope to my desktop Pc as I don’t own a laptop.I process most of my shots with Registax4 and Photoshop Elements.

  3. Hi Andrew!

    Glad to see you finally got some clear sky — Great moon pick! Its been a while since we’ve had any clear sky here, but its looking great for the weekend.

  4. Hi Vern,it is good to hear from you and thanks.Heh,yeah we need to take all the advantages of the weather that we can.Hope your weekend is clear for the meteor shower.So far,our forecast is looking good as well.Plus it will be a new moon!.I finally bought myself a Meade DSI and hope to have it by next Tuesday which will probably cause a Monsoon.

  5. Came by from your comments on my blog (shameless plug: and am very impressed. I’m just starting out but having a wonderful time and hope to improve with time.
    Hope you keep getting some clear skies!

  6. Thanks Ed,
    Shameless plug…hahahahahaha.I have added your site to my blogroll.You will be surprised as to how fast you will learn different techniques!.I have learned a lot from my friends in the astronomy blog world.
    So far the forecast is looking real promising for eye piece time this weekend and hope you have clear skies as well!!!.

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