Luna on a Saturday night

Finally,I was treated with some actual clear skies last night and the clearest that I have seen in almost 5 months.I set the scope at just after darkness had settled in.I aligned the scope and all went very well.This observing session did however, have it’s ups and downs,so here is the story of my adventure.While just observing the different wonders in our night sky,a little old lady drove by on one of those Hoveraround chairs that you always see in those commercials.She made her way slowly past and we exchanged small talk about what it was that I was doing.I told her that I was looking at the stars and other objects that can’t be seen without a telescope and without a  word she drove off into the night.That was a odd moment I thought to myself as I got back to my observing.It wasn’t 5 minutes later that I saw 2 cars coming up the oppostite ends of my street.Well folks,the 2 cars were actually police cruisers!!!.That so called nice old lady called the police on me because,she thought my scope was a bazooka and that I was a ……get this……a terrorist!!!!!.As the police got out of their cars to investigate,they started laughing.Even the police dog was laughing/barking!.They laughingly told me that they had a report of suspicious activity behind the courthouse (where I live)and that their was a person with a bazooka that was going to blow the building up.We chatted for about a half hour as I showed them the different space wonders with my scope i.e the Dumbell neb,Ring neb Jupiter.I must say the two police officers had a great sense of humor!.They told me that I should have told the lady that I was waiting for the ISS to fly over so I could shoot it down.Heh,I guess wearing a football jersey and baseball cap as a disguise didn’t fool the old lady?!.After the laughter and chatter,the police officers thanked me for letting them look through the scope,at which point the hopped into their cars in responce to another call.I laughed for another 2 hours afterwards!!!!.So,back to observing I go!.This time I decided to do some imaging with the DSLR and the target was the Lagoon neb in constellation Sagittarius but first I needed to focus on a bright star,take a picture (to check my focus) before slewing the scope to the desired object and would you know it…….Dead batteries and my backups were still charging!.Oh well,I will have to wait and while I wait.I will capture some images using the LPI.

Below is just one of the images that I took with the Meade LPI.It is a stack of 15 images and was processed with Photoshop Elements.The image was sharpened and also resized.

Located in the Northeastern region of the Mare Imbrium,the image includes such features as the crater Plato (ENE in my image sorry the orientation is off a wee bit!),Archimedes crater and Aristillus to the right of it.The image also shows some prominent moutain ranges such as Montes Alpes which is directly south of Plato and  Montes Caucasus which is south of that.Even the Apollo 15 landing site is included which is located near Hadley Rille.

Image credit:Andrew


11 Responses to “Luna on a Saturday night”

  1. LMAO……….I’m just not sure what to say. I was thinking you missed a great party but now I see you had a great time after all. A ten inch bazooka…!
    Great pic of what really was a Luna night. Did you use eyepiece projection?

  2. I am a bit sad that I couldn’t make the party also.I ended up going to bed at 4am.Funny though,I looked at the clock and thought that if it was during the week I would be waking up by now:).
    I actually used the Meade LPI for the moon images.The DSLR batteries were still being charged.The LPI takes way better images of the moon also.
    Yeah,the lady was a piece of work.Next time I will be sure to wear a robe and turban…hahahahahahaha

  3. Always have fresh camera batteries with you, grasshopper.

  4. Great image 🙂

    lol about the old woman and bazooka I wouldn’t think your first astronomer out there to be questioned by the police lol


  5. Hi ~Z~,
    Heh,as it turns out.I accidently shut the power off to the outlet that was charging the batteries,so I only had enough of a charge to get a few images.NOTE TO SELF*leave the power switch alone…hahhahahaha!

  6. Hi Mark,
    Yeah,apparently I am a ring leader of a dangerous amateur astronomy gang?!.

  7. You have some beautiful images on your site. Thanks for sharing them.

  8. I read a story a few years back in Astronomy or Sky & Telescope, can’t remember which, about a guy who setup a camp site, his scope and then covered said scope with with one of those silver emergency blankets. He left for a hike then returned to find the camp rangers and local police surrounding his site in a panic. In the words of, Albert Einstein: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity,
    and I’m not sure about the former.”

  9. Hi Michael,
    HAHAHAHAHAHA,I wonder if that old lady turned him in too?.

  10. a wonderful story!

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