Yet another lightning storm

As you can tell,observing the night sky has been reduced to observing our atmosphere.Instead of observing DSO’s and objects in our solar neighborhood I have found an outlet for when the weather turns nasty.Not too long ago,I reported on the crazy weather that we have been experiencing and the great light shows that have been created when two weather fronts clash.Lately,our weather has been rather wild.In fact so wild,that if one didn’t know it he or she would think that they were living in Florida and not in NewHampshire.If I heard the news correctly.NewHampshire had almost 18,000 lightning strikes in a 7 hour period.One of the guys at work said “their were so many flashes from lightning,I thought that a cop had pulled over a car in front of my house”.Other reports had lightning strikes and golfball size hail accompanied by high winds.Needless to say,I didn’t recieve a whole lot of sleep due to the thunder which resulted with me being tired and cranky the next day.As I write this post,I have just heard the forcast and it appears that we may have another set of thunderstorms in the next few hours.

Perhaps I will have more lightning images to share in the near future?!.

On a side note.Another set of sunspots have appeared n the suns eastern limb and are VERY impressive looking!.

Below is a cloud to cloud bolt that appeared right over my house….


Lightning in the distance….


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