Welcome home Atlantis!!!

The space shuttle Atlantis safely arrived home this afternoon,landing at Edwards Air force base at 3:49pm EDT after 13+ days in orbit.It was a relief to see the orbital vehicle back on the ground!.Back in 1993,I had the pleasure of listening to the sonic booms of Atlantis as it landed at Edwards.I was staying with some friends in Tehachapi CA for the summer.I had not heard multiple booms like that since I was a child growing up in Vermont and not being ready for the noise I nearly hit my head on the ceiling!.

If I am not mistaken,I believe that the next shuttle launch will be in August??!.

This is yet another image I shot a couple weeks back…..


Antares is a Class M supergiant star located in the constellation Scorpius and approximately 600 light years distant.It is easily visible since it is the 16th brightest night time stars and visually 10,000 times brighter than the sun.Did I mention that it is huge?.No?.Well it is.In fact,if it were in place of our sun the outer edge would be between Mars and Jupiters orbit.When Antares reaches the end of its life cycle,it will most likely Super nova which should produce a brilliant light show for our future Earth inhabitants.

Doesn’t our sun look puny in comparison?.


Image credit:Andrew


3 Responses to “Antares”

  1. Great image 🙂

    Great to see Atlantis home at last I think Endeavour rolls out to the launch pad sometime next week.


  2. Andrew,

    Found you website again. Great Picks
    Dan Warren (Flippers sea and sky)

  3. Welcome back Dan,it has been a long time and hope all is well!.

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