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While my observing opportunities dwindle,I figured I would get some images of my scopes.I say observing opportunities because,I am on a weeks vacation and was hoping to get a lot of eye piece time in.Unfortunately,Mother nature has had other ideas.It has been cloudy here for the most part of a week now.The forecast is for partly cloudy skies tomorrow night and mostly sunny on Friday.If things work out for the next 3 days I will be happy and my vacation will have been a good one.Their are a few events coming up on Friday and Saturday that I have my fingers crossed for and they are,three solar transits of the ISS.The first one occurs on Friday in the early evening at 7:39pm.This will be a 2.6 second transit.I plan on being ready and waiting for this one!!!.The next transit occurs on Saturday afternoon/early evening at 6:30+pm with a second transit happening 1 orbit later.Both of which are 2+ seconds each.I will be happy with one!.If I do get any images,my excitement will pretty much go unnoticed because it is the 84th annual Laconia Bike week.With upwards of 350,000- 450,000 bikers roaring up and down the streets of our little town.Um,yeah,big deal you may say but,with a town of 25,000 residents and small  residental streets,you do the math on the traffic snarls and the hell raising.HAHAHAHA,now you know why I am on vacation!.If that isn’t a good enough reason to be on vacation…I live right smack dab in the middle of town also!.It is bad enough that it takes me 45 minutes to get home from work.During bike week it could take almost 2 hours!.Maybe,I will get some shots of the madness to share in the next few days?!.

Sorry I strayed off the  Equipment post!.

Below are some images of the scopes and other stuff I own to indulge my astronomy addiction.

Meade LXD75 sn 10

My 10″ Meade LXD75 SN.In this image you will also notice the heated Astrozap flexable dew shield and a Celestron 250amp powertank to run my scope.It is pretty cool because,it has jumper cables,am/fm radio,800,000 candlepower spot light and red flashlight.Why would a powertank want a bright spotlight?.Hmmmmm?.Thats right….to annoy my neighbors!!.

Meade DS90 with autostar

I just bought this scope a few weeks ago and haven’t had the chance to try it out yet!.I hate clouds!.In front of the scope is my astronomy tool box containing most of my astronomy electronics,eye pieces,filters and Lunar Planetary Imager.

My 4.5

This is my Celestron reflector which I have owned for almost 7 years.It doesn’t get much use anymore except for quick moon images.My cat “Orion” has adopted this scope as his own.He likes to actually climb up the OTA and stick his muzzle in the eye piece holder……trying to get a glimpse of the Cats Eye nebula I suppose?.

My three ducks in a row!

This a shot of all three scopes to gether.Yes,I forgot to mention the second Powertank and the full aperture solar filter leaning against the tripod of the Celestron.I can’t show you the Pentax isDs DSLR because,well… else am I going to take these images?.

Astronomy really IS a money pit,in a good way!.


10 Responses to “My Equipment”

  1. Hi Andrew,
    With all that nice equipment out, you’ll attract the clouds for sure! Hope your weather changes and is good for your ISS solar transit events! We have not had great imaging weather for a few days here either. Forecast for the weekend is great for us though. We’re heading for Fox Park, Wyoming for a couple days in awesome dark mag 7+, transparent skies at 9100 ft — one of the few remaining places where the Milky Way casts shadows.

  2. Hi Vern,
    Mag7+ skies?WOW!.Hope to see the result of those beautiful skies soon!.I think I jinxed myself because,now the forecast is T-storms through Monday….BOOOOO!!!!

  3. Hey andrew 🙂

    “Astronomy really IS a money pit,in a good way!”

    …tell me about it!


  4. Hope you have a good weekend before you go back to work. You have a very impressive equipment list 🙂


  5. Thanks Mark,my ultimate goal is to use the Meade DS90 as a guidescope.The tripod for the DS90 is quite shakey but it will work well as a grab and go scope.It is amazing how light the small scopes are compared with the big scope.
    I did get the big scope out last night and managed some images even if the seeing/transparency were pretty bad.

  6. Hi M13,
    Funny how this hobby makes me want to keep buying new things.I cringe everytime a new astronomy mag comes out.

  7. Biker week! Now you gotta come true on the photos. Can you get one of your scopes in a lineup with bikes and babes? That could make next month’s astronomy mag.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA,what a great idea!.Title of the picture “Astronomy gone wild!”.

  9. I think it should be babes in thongs!
    Nice equipment Andrew. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to use it this week.

    Hi Michael,I think the titles could be limitless.Now to get them to pose for Iron Scope Magazine from Above the clouds observatory.
    Unfortunately,my vacation ends tomorrow.I have had the scope out a few times.As for the ISS transits,I missed all three due to either clouds or shadows from trees.Oh well,I believe their is another possible transit coming next week?.I will have to keep a eye on the progress.
    Did you get a chance to ride this weekend?.

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