M27 The Dumbell nebula

The countdown continues.Only one day left for my long awaited vacation!.I don’t have much in the form of plans,except getting the scope out and observing/imaging, and just plain relaxing/napping at home.Oh and I can’t forget…watching the shuttle launch tomorrow night at 7:38pm  Eastern Standard Time on NASA television.Good luck guys!!!.

The image below is of the Dumbell nebula that I imaged last November.It was shot using a Meade 10″LXD75 sn, Pentax ist DS and a Lumicon light pollution filter.Settings were,ISO of 800 with a 85 second exposure.If memory serves,temps were in the 40’sF, skies were clear,seeing and transparency was average.HAHAHAHAHA……if memory serves?…heh,I can’t remember how old I am half the time!.Hmmmm,it starts with a 4 I think?!.

The Dumbell nebula is one of my favorite summer objects.Located in the constellation Vulpecula at a +7.4mag,it appears as a colorless dim haze.This is due to the fact that it is about 1,300 light years away.In other words,the light that we see, at this very moment ,started it’s journey 1,300 years ago and had to travel more than 7,624,404,800,000,000+- miles.Can you imagine the kids in the back seat asking “dad,are we there yet?”.HEHEHEHE!

Image credit: Andrew

The Dumbell Nebula


2 Responses to “M27 The Dumbell nebula”

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Beautiful photo of M27 – huge isn’t it just hovering above the starfield in your photo. Good to see that you’re setup properly with a new, attractive look. 🙂
    I definitely need to invest in a filter b/c I am just missing out.

  2. Hi Peter and welcome to the new and improved “Above the clouds”.Yeah,the Dumbell is a huge neb indeed.The one neb I do want to capture is the Helix neb.Unfortunately,where it can be seen (fall),their is a street light and tree’s blocking my view.I think a light pollution filter would do wonders for you in the big city.

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