Venus 2007

Here is my first post on my wordpress blog.

With clear and clean skies,I decided to bring my scope out for a breath of fresh air last night.It isn’t very often that I have the scope out on a work night but,I figured what the heck?.The local weather forecast doesn’t sound very inviting for the coming weekend so,I felt that getting in some scope time would be a good idea….even if was only for a hour.I didn’t set the scope up in the usual place this time.The reason for this was because I wanted to get a shot of Venus and their is a large building in the way at my normal observing location.The plan was to get some quick images and call it a night so,I decided to forgo the leveling and the pain staking alignment.I don’t know what I did right but,I used autostar to slew to Venus and it was dead center of the eyepiece?!…..go figure!.At that point I decided to use the LPI instead of the DSLR for the imaging.All was going great until my lovely neighbors felt that 9pm was a good time to burn some brush,which filled my observing area with dence smoke at which I called it a night and packed up.

Not a very nice place to visit.Venus is the second closest planet to the sun and is a prime example of Global warming running amuck due to a thick layer of carbon dioxide clouds.With a surface temperature at times approaching 800 degrees F (hot enough to melt lead!)and a surface pressure 90 times that of Earth making Venus a unlikely candidate for human habitation.

Image credit:Andrew

 Venus 2007


4 Responses to “Venus 2007”

  1. Andrew, glad you found a new home. Let me know if you need any help moving things over. Looks like you have it all.

    Nice image, I’ll keep checking over here tpo keep in touch. Clear Skies and come visit at Vela sometimes. I’ll keep your site up. FWIW I think I *finally* found the issue 🙂


  2. Thank Kevin,I used the export in the control panel.Unfortunately,wordpress only has the capacity for 3 Mbs of info,so I ended up manually copying the last 10 post from well,it is like starting all over again *groan*.Thanks for keeping the old site up and I will still visit.I think I have a link to vela astronomy blogs…?!.If not,I will put a link in the blogroll:-)
    I hope the issue with the blogs isn’t serious!.
    Clear skies

  3. Hey Andrew!

    I’ve just updated my links! Although I have not commented much, I do enjoy reading (and viewing) astronomy blogs as its amazing what one finds through their telescope.

    I know its not exactly Hubble, but at least you can control the direction of what you see.


  4. Hi Darnell,I prefer to call my scope “THe Hubble wannabe”.I too have seen some amazing images taken through small scopes from some of the other bloggers and must say that they are amazing!.It certainly gives one inspiration to keep looking up!.

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