I would like to begin this post by congratulating all of those that were blessed with clear skies for the event and judging by the images that I have see on the web,it was a spectacular show.I myself was blessed with just a brief glimpse through foggy skies.For those of you that were not fortunate enough to see it, their will be another one in late August.This is another image that I took using a Meade Lunar Planetary Imager or LPI.It is a stack of 100 images and was post processed using Registax4 and Photoshop Elements.Tycho is probably the most easily recognised crater on the moon and is approximately 54 miles across.Tycho is a very young crater at only a few 100 millions of years old.Even though it can be seen with the naked eye.More detail of the formation can be seen with binoculars or even a small telescope.It has three central peaks that stand approximately 1500m high.It was named after Tycho Brahé,a16th century danish Astronomer born in DanmarkImage credit:Andrew


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