Sinus Iridium

Brrrrrrr,it is cold!!!!.Last weekend saw temps warming into the 40s F and in just a couple days time,the temps have struggled to stay above zero for a daytime high!.This morning,I awoke to a temp of -5,which is rather balmy compared to other parts of the state which have seen temps in the -20sF,with a few places even experiencing temps in the mid -30sF. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much but,since I am tired of winters cold grip I will.Perhaps a warm temperature dance is needed instead of a clear sky dance which needless to say hasn’t worked yet!.JUST THINK SPRING!!.I have another image of the moon that I took last week using a Meade LPI.Like the others,it isn’t of real high quality but,it does offer me some hope!!!.While playing with the LPI,I was able to get a pretty decent shot of the horseshoe shaped formation known as Sinus Iridium located in the northwest quadrant of Mare Imbrium.The best time to see this formation is just a few days after the first quater or a couple days before the last quarter and can be easily seen with small binoculars.The semicircle moutain range at the edge of Sinus Iridium is named Montes Jura.Even though the moon appears small to the unaided eye,many of the features on the moon are absolutely gigantic.For example,Sinus Iridium as seen in the image below, measures 242×157Miles or 237,000 square Kilometers!.The crater at the top of Montes Jura is 23 miles across and the bright overexposed crater in the upper right of the image is Timocharis,it is 21 miles across!!.Enjoy!!!.


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