Orion a end of a season

I just realized,or maybe I didn’t want it to happen but,for me I believe it is the end of the viewing season for visiting  The Orion Nebula. Due to the area of sky that it resides this time of year it makes it nearly impossible for me to view.This is unless the city would let me cut down a lot of tree’s and demolish the district courthouse.Ummmm,I don’t think that will happen!.

At any rate,this post is sortof a tribute to Orion.The image below was taken last fall.I have been home all week with a bad shoulder so,I decided to play around with some images just to see what I could come up with.I bought and downloaded a plugin for Photoshop Elements especially designed for astrophotography.This plugin is just amazing and well worth the $20 bucks.I will rank this as one of my best splurges so far this year!.

See you next fall Orion!!.

Image credit:Andrew



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