NGC 2903

Sorry for the lack of consistent posting but,I have been working a lot of over time and just haven’t had the energy.I haven’t been working the extra hours because I have to but,because I have some new toys that I want to buy for this money pit of a scope….hahahaha…of course I meant that in a fun way!. Hopefully,with a few new toys for the scope,I will be able to increase the detail in my images?!.So,with working extra hours and Old Man Winter refusing to give up his snowy grip aroung these parts, any observing has been temporarily put on hold.

Luckily,I have a few images left from my observing session that I had a few weeks ago!.

NGC 2903 is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Leo and is 20 million Ly’s distant.According to some charts it is estimated to be at a +9.6 mag but it seemed a bit brighter?!.Maybe it was because I haven’t had the scope out in a few months and it just seemed brighter!.

Image credit:Andrew


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