Mare Humorum

This is yet another post that should have been written a few weeks ago.While out about 3 weeks ago,I had decided to give the LPI another go.Unfortunately,the seeing and transparency were not the greatest and no where near what they were a week after I took this image.Since that time we have had temps ranging anywhere between 30F and 87F.Now however,it seems that Spring is REALLY here and temps have drifted back to where they should be this time of year…in the 60’sF.The forecast for this coming weekend is calling for clear skies,which I will believe when I see it.It seems as if our local forecasters are more interested in what their computer models are showing rather than doing real weather forecasting by popping their heads out of the window and taking a look?!.

If the weather holds out and is as good as they predict.I will have a list of objects at the ready.One of the objects I want to see and hopefully image is comet Lovejoy .I have seen a really nice image of the comet over at Verns site.It is similar in color to comet Swan and is near the Ring nebula.My second target is Jupiter.I will be using the DSLR and LPI for imaging.Practice makes perfect!.

The Sea of Moisture or more commonly known as the Mare Humorum is located on the south-west quandrant of the moon and is most visible 3 days after the first quarter or 2 days after the last quarter.Most likely a impact basin,Mare Humorum is filled with a thick layer of Basalt,which is a form of fine grained volcanic rock and is estimated to be approximately 3 kilometers thick.The basin is also estimated to be 230 miles across and 3.8 billion years old.

Information credit:Wikipedia

Image credit:Andrew


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