M51 (The Whirlpool galaxy)

Sorry about the lack of posting lately but,I have been very busy at work.The weather has been absolutely dreadful lately (heh,as if you haven’t heard that one before!).Rain and clouds have all but put a stop to any thought of observing.So,I decided to share a image that I took a couple weeks ago.I have imaged and posted M51 before but,I have been playing around with a plugin for Photoshop Elements called Astronomy tools.I must say that it works great for removing light pollution and other problems that occur in imaging.Here is the link: AstronomytoolsforElements .

Below is a shot of M51 that I took a couple weeks ago.The image was shot using a Pentax ist Ds DSLR using prime focus.The exposure was 88seconds with a ISO of 400 unguided.A street light was positioned right below,so a lot of light pollution invaded the shot.The skies were clear but,the seeing and transparency were bad.Photoshop Elements and Astronomy tools were used for processing.



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