Galaxy Quest part 2

Last Friday night we had some of the cleanest skies that I have seen in a long time and I hope that we have another repeat soon.Since that time I have been trying to make up my mind as to what kind of a purchase I am going to make for my scope.The first thought is a new Laptop Pc.A laptop would be nice to have when I take images using my Meade LPI.I can have myself parked right at the scope and make any nessesary adjustments when needed.On the other hand I was thinking of purchasing a Meade DSI pro for deep space images.If I buy this first,I can be ahead of the learning curve game and get some decent shots before the skies get crappy this summer.Hmmmm….decisions decisions.I’m kind of leaning towards the DSI pro because,I already have about 60 ft of cable that I am using to run the LPI to my desk top.So it isn’t as if I would need a lap top right away.I have had one vote for a lap top Pc.Any thoughts?.

As I wrote in the begining of this post.I had the scope out last Friday night,under wonderful skies.The temps were warm and my excitement grew as the night wore on,which explains why I never went to bed until 4:30am.Of the many different object that I saw.I must say the most exciting wasd being able to see and image,without averted vision,some of the galaxies in the Virgo cluster.Though most were almost out of visual sight,a couple were rather bright and looked like a pair of eyes staring back at me.I am of course talking about M84-M86 area of the Virgo cluster.This is the first time I have ever seen the cluster and believe me I have tried!.It is 60 million light years distant and shines at a +9.1 mag.

On an unrelated event.I was just visiting Soho and their is a HUGE sunspot making it’s way around the western limb of our sun.Perhaps if the clouds break up and becomes sunny tomorrow,I will be able to get some images to share?!.

image credit: Andrew



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