Day moon and sunspot 944

With a possible snow/freezing rain storm and the eagerness to retrain the drives on my scope and image sunspot 944.I raced home at not quite breakneck speeds but,much faster than I normally drive.Why the hurry?.Well,in this area of the U.S,having decent skies seems to be few and far between and when the opportunity presents it’s self.One MUST take advantage of the situation even for just a few hours of observing.

With that being said,for the time crunch I was under.I did manage to retrain the drives , image sunspot 944 and for a added bonus image the day moon.The neat part about imaging both of these was that they were at about the same  altitude in the sky with the moon in the east and the sun in the west.Which equates to a little more than 4.5 hours of separation.

Day moon

Sunspot 944…

Sunspot 944Sunspot 944


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